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Development of Rural Economy Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8250 words

Development of Rural Economy - Thesis Example Economic growth is believed to be evenly distributed when it helps both the rural and urban areas of a country. In this, the economy of USA is taken as model for development that could be used by Australia and Iraq to develop their rural side. It is believed that although Australia and Iraq are among the richest nations of the world but they have failed to develop their rural areas and there is large disparity of income and standard of living between people of rural and urban areas. The paper does not only talk about economic issues related to the lack of growth of rural areas in the countries mentioned above but also talks about the social issues and social changes that are needed to be imposed by the governments of respective nations in their search of achieving balanced economic growth. This paper has also suggested a new theory of rural vs. urban trade-off to explain how investment could result in growing both the rural and urban areas of any economy. Economic growth is a field of Development Economics that shows the growth in GDP or annual out of a economy over a period of time which is usually taken as a year. An economy is said to be growing if the output in the current year is greater than the previous year. For example, if the GDP in current is $120, whereas in the previous year it was $100, then one can safely that the economy is growing by 20%. Economists usually prefer diffused growth in the economy rather regional growth. The reason behind this is that region growth leads to disparity between different region of a country and can lead to urbanization and problems that coincide with it. Economic growth is usually brought about by following factors or by the following conditions: Output is growing: This implies that output in the current year should be greater than the output produced in the previous year. Output should be greater than inflation and population growth: Some times price increases also tend to move up the value of output. However, any value increase of GDP due to inflation is not considered as an economic growth of a country. Economic growth occurs when there is physical increase in the quantity of goods and this increase should also be greater than increase in population growth for an economy to grow. United States of America meets these conditions better than Iraq and Australia and that is why American economy has grown so much relative to these economies. Labor Productivity increases: If Labor productivity increase, they will be able to produce more output in the given production hours. This will result in economic growth of an economy and the United States of America is a prime example of this. Investment in Capital Goods: More capital means that the economy

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Engineering Materials Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Engineering Materials - Coursework Example In addition, glass is very similar to a slowly moving liquid so that old pieces of glass seem thicker at the bottom than at the top. In order to increase the tensile strength of the glass, the molecules must keep very strong hold with one another. Surface finishing and ion-exchange are two chemical processes that are applied to strengthen glass materials (Chemically strengthened glass, 2011). Q3. The Giffith’s theory reflects the relationship between crack length at fracture and applied nominal stress. It is a comprehensive equation that can be effectively employed for engineering purposes. Giffith’s theory says that steel is a safer engineering material than glass. It is experimentally proved that the stress required to fracture a glass is nearly 100 MPa. It indicates that comparatively a smaller stress is enough to fracture a glass and therefore, this material is not advisable for engineering purposes. In contrast, since a higher stress is required to fracture a steel material, it can strengthen buildings and other engineering constructions (Simple Stress). In short, steel is a very stronger material as compared to glass substances. Civil engineers would suggest stronger and durable components for their projects since they are built for a long time.Q4. A metal or any other structural material will undergo a change in its shape when a sufficient load is applied to it and this change in shape is called deformation. Elastic deformation is a process by which a temporary shape change. takes place and the material comes to its original shape when the applied force is removed. Plastic deformation will be uniform between the elastic limit and ultimate tensile strength (UTS). It means uniform plastic deformation is applicable only between certain limits and it will be non-uniform once the UTS is exceeded. It is assumed that the interface between a larger hole and a smaller hole has a direct impact on local plastic deformation. The interconnection between the â€Å"array angle of larger holes and the development of the shear band† can greatly influence local plastic deformation (SAO/ NASA ADS physics abstract service). Q5. â€Å"Rubber elasticity involves flexible molecular chains which need to be interconnected to prevent gliding.† (Francois, Pineau, and Zaoui, 1998, p.67). Rubber elasticity necessitates a high temperature in order to ensure the adequate mobility of the molecular chains. Rubber elasticity’s entropic nature can be attributed to the large number of possible configurations for the molecular chains. As discussed earlier, rubber elasticity requires high temperature and it promotes mobility of molecular chains. This feature is one the main causes for rubber elasticity to low swiftness and high tension. Q6. The combination of thermosetting resin and glass fibers produces composite materials which are tough even though both the primary elements are brittle. It is necessary to note that transfer of stre ss between reinforcing fibers and acting as a glue to hold the fibers together are

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An Example of Successful Change Essay Example for Free

An Example of Successful Change Essay Introduction Why is Wal-Mart so Successful? Is it Good Strategy or Good Strategy Implementation? In 1962, when Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart store in Rogers, Arkansas, no one could have ever predicted the enormous success this small-town merchant would have. Sam Waltons talent for discount retailing not only made Wal-Mart the worlds largest retailer, but also the worlds number one retailer in sales. Sam Walton has made certain changes that help Wal-Mart to achieve its success today. His change techniques involve changing people, technology, and product. Indeed, Wal-Mart was named Retailer of the Decade by Discount Store News in 1989, and on several occasions has been included in Fortunes list of the 10 most admired corporations. Changing People Wal-Mart is successful not only because it makes sound strategic management decisions, but also for its innovative implementation of those strategic decisions. In order to become a superstore, Wal-Mart decided to change the skill level of its workforce. Waltons greatest accomplishment was his ability to empower, enrich, and train his employees. He believed in listening to employees and challenging them to come up with ideas and suggestions to make the company better. At each of the Wal-Mart stores, signs are displayed which read, Our People Make the Difference. Associates regularly make suggestions for cutting costs through their Yes We Can Sam program. The sum of the savings generated by the associates actually paid for the construction of a new store in Texas. One of Wal-Marts goals was to provide its employees with the appropriate tools to do their jobs efficiently. The technology was not used as a means of replacing existing employees, but to provide them with a means to succeed in the retail market (Thompson and Strickland 93). Changing Product Wal-Mart stores operate according to their Everyday Low Price philosophy. They provide customers access to quality goods, to make these goods available when and where customers want them, to develop a cost structure that enables competitive pricing, and to build and maintain a reputation for absolute trustworthiness (Evan, Shulman, and Stalk, 55). Through Sam Waltons Buy America policy, Wal-Mart encourages its buyers and merchandise managers to stock stores with American-made products. In a 1993 annual report management stated the program demonstrates a long-standing Wal-Mart commitment to our customers that we will buy American-made products whenever we can if those products deliver the same quality and affordability as their foreign-made counterparts (Thompson Strickland 68). With a variety of product and low cost, Wal-Mart has attracted more consumers. Changing Technology Wal-Mart has invested heavily in its unique cross-docking inventory system. Cross docking has enabled Wal-Mart to achieve economies of scale which reduces its costs of sales. With this system, goods are continuously delivered to stores within 48 hours and often without having to inventory them. Lower prices also eliminate the expense of frequent sales promotions and sales are more predictable. Cross docking gives the individual managers more control at the store level. A company owned transportation system also assists Wal-Mart in shipping goods from warehouse to store in less than 48 hours. This allows Wal-Mart to replenish the shelves 4 times faster than its competition. Wal-Mart owns the largest and most sophisticated computer system in the private sector. It uses a massively parallel processor computer system to track stock and movement which keeps it abreast of fast changes in the market (Daugherty 24). Information related to sales and inventory is disseminated via its advanced satellite communications system. Conclusion Sam Walton, a leader with an innovative vision, started his own company and made it into the leader in discount retailing that it is today. Through his savvy, and sometimes unusual, business practices, he and his associates led the company forward for thirty years. Today the company is still growing steadily. Wal-Mart executives continue to rely on many of the traditional goals and philosophies that Sams legacy left behind, while simultaneously keeping one step ahead of the ever-changing technology and methods of todays fast-paced business environment. The future also looks bright for Wal-Mart, especially if it is able to continue its customer-driven culture, it should remain a retail industry leader well into the next century.

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Themes of Hope and Failure in The Awakening and The Outcasts of Poker F

To Fail or not to Fail The characters of Edna, Mr. Oakhurst, The Innocent, Piney, Mother Shipton, and The Duchess all face different forms of failure in their respective stories, The Awakening and â€Å"The Outcasts of Poker Flat†. Each character has a unique response to failure; some bend, while others break. Though at times people fall short of their goals, it is not necessarily the human lot to try and fail; sometimes people make the choice to fail by losing hope, or by viewing death as failure, or by having a negative outlook on life, but it is essentially they themselves who allow the failure- it all stems from the person’s perspective and individual choices. Even though humans don’t always succeed in their endeavors, humans are not predestined to fail. Hope is arguably the one thing that keeps humans moving forward. Without it, there is no motivation, no reason to wake up in the morning. When people start to lose hope, they start to lose a part of themselves, and are driven toward despair. In The Awakening, the protagonist, Edna, says over and over again how despondent she is, which leads to her eventual suicide. It has been said that â€Å"There is no failure except in no longer trying,† and sadly, Edna gave into despair and lost the will to keep going. She felt as though life was no longer worth the effort, and decided death would be better than living a lie. And yet, there’s always more than one door to take. Edna didn’t search for other options- for her, it was either be untrue to her feelings, live without Robert, or death. She was too strong to pick the first, but too weak to consider the second; she was awakened to her feelings, but blind to alternatives. Dorothy Thompson once said, â€Å"Courage, it would se... ...e Billy’s â€Å"failure† to do the right thing probably wasn’t much of a failure to him. Perspective defines failure, not some outside force. What exactly is failure? It is, according to the dictionary, â€Å"Lack of success.† Many people say that â€Å"failure isn’t the falling down, but the staying down.† But who are we to say? Lack of hope, the thought that death and failure are one and the same, and a pessimistic outlook on life can cause someone to fail, but thankfully not everyone falls victim to these. Failure is always controversial, because people view things and events differently. As Elaine Maxewell once said, â€Å"My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man's doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny.†

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How to Play Basketball Essay

In order to play basketball, you need one basketball and two basketball hoops on opposite ends of the court. The hoops should be ten feet high. In an original game, you should form two teams of five individuals apiece would be the requirements. If a court just so happens to be full or fewer players are available, a game with one hoop can be played using alternate rules. The object is for you to score more baskets than your opponent. You should play a typical game for sixty minutes with four fifteen-minute periods, but you really can determine the length yourself. For you to start the game, the wo teams you formed, line up around the two centers. Each of your players matches up against another based on height and skill to make it fair. The referee throws the ball straight up and the two of you who are playing the position center, jump up to gain possession. The goal for you is to â€Å"tip† the ball to your teammates to gain possession. Remember Basketball is much as an offensive game as defensive game. When you have the ball, all of the members of your team are on offense. On offense you are trying to score points by shooting the ball into the opposing team’s basket. Each â€Å"basket† your team scores is worth two points. Baskets scored outside the three-point line (an arc-shaped line beyond the free throw line) are worth three points. On offense you need to advance the ball, you can advance the ball in two ways: by passing and dribbling. First Dribbling, you need to take the ball and bounce it on the floor in a continuous motion. This is the process of dribbling. You can move your feet and body in any direction as long as you are dribbling but if you move in any direction without dribbling the ball then that is a violation. The goal for your team on offense is†¦

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Discrimination Towards The Lgbtq Community - 1483 Words

Carolyn Kasper Mrs. Gallos English 3 6 April 2017 Discrimination Towards the LGBTQ Community We as a society are not doing enough to end the discrimination in the LGBTQ ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) community . There is no reason to discriminate someone for what they do behind closed doors and they should keep their negative words and actions to themselves. No one no matter what they believe in should be discriminated against. Just because someone who is attracted to the same sex or is transgender they should not be treated any differently than someone who is attracted to the opposite sex. Discrimination is a problem all around the globe whether it is at home, in the workplace, or just in the street. People of all†¦show more content†¦Although there are few laws that protect the rights of those in the LGBTQ community, ‘With limited or no federal protections, an LGBT person can get legally married in most states, but then be evicted from an apartment and denied a home loan.’ (Did). There are almost no laws protecting those with a diff erent gender identity than what their birth certificate states. There are actually laws that put those who identify with a different gender than the birth certificate states in danger, The bathroom laws put not only those who struggle with gender identity but, everyone in danger, â€Å"they did it by running television ads that demonized transgender women and suggested the ordinance would allow male sex predators entry into women’s rest rooms.† (Everything). Laws like that make it legal for anyone to walk into any public restroom. A grown man can walk into a bathroom with young women strictly because he says he identifies as a women. There are laws that make it legal for a business owner to turn away a customer primarily because they are gay. This law is so that the business owner does not do something that conflicts with their religious beliefs, â€Å"health professionals deny services to LGBT people by citing religious objections† (Everything). Couples struggl e to find wedding venues and bakeries that will serve them. There are also other laws that make it legal for an employer to fire an employee because they are gay. This is a big partShow MoreRelatedKatriel Pacheco. Ms. Tomlinson. English One. 8 March 2017.1748 Words   |  7 PagesKatriel Pacheco Ms. Tomlinson English One 8 March 2017 LGBTQ People and Equal Rights In the book, Teens and LGBT Issues, Hal Marcovitz shares, â€Å"In this technique - which is now called electroconvulsive therapy - an electric current would be passed through the brain triggering a seizure. The seizure, in turn, would alter the brain’s chemistry,† (Marcovitz 24). This shows how strong the desire for the LGBTQ people to fit the â€Å"norm† is. The LGBTQ community is put in a hostile environment everyday. SocietyRead MoreAmerican Laws And The Lgbtq Community1407 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican Laws and the LGBTQ+ Community â€Å"Discrimination [dih-skrim-uh-ney-shuh n]: treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit.† Right from the dictionary, the definition is clear. Look back 95 years to 1920, where women across America raised their voices and fought back for the right to vote. Now take a look back 48 years ago when in 1967Read MoreSimilarly, The United States Lgbtq+ Community Suffers From1470 Words   |  6 PagesSimilarly, the United States LGBTQ+ community suffers from similar assault cases and psychological damage. Violence towards the LGBTQ+ community in America is not as publicly seen or heard of as in Russia, but it is still there. Russia and the U.S have similar, yet different forms of hate crimes against LGBTQ+ persons. In the United States, sexual assault and gun violence are often what you hear in regards to hate crimes; th at is if it is large enough to make the news at all. Unlike in Russia, theRead MoreLgbtq Youth And Its Impact On The Community Essay1696 Words   |  7 Pagesthat LGBTQ youth are not able to get the help in school which causes them to have low self-esteem, not show up to school, and even engage in risky behavior. School psychologists must provide services for their entire student body and that includes youth apart of the LGBTQ community. Regardless of what their beliefs are it’s important that they give LGBTQ youth the support that they need and also help them work towards a positive identity while going the process of coming out. To assist LGBTQ youthRead MoreThe Stonewall Riots And The Lgbt Community1678 Words   |  7 PagesThe LGBTQ community has struggled for decades to receive equal treatment but despite many advancements, this group of people is still not treated justly. The prevalent discrimination and prejudice enacted against the LGBTQ community can be witnessed o n accounts of the Stonewall Riots and laws that affect the community such as not allowing gay men to donate blood, sexual orientation in connection to the military, et cetera. The gay rights movement has united to eradicate these issues through supportRead MoreHuman Service Course History Paper1447 Words   |  6 Pagestrue. In order to fully understand the changes that occurred, and to comprehend the level of discrimination that was felt in the homosexual culture, one must first understand the history of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) community. The harsh history of the LGBTQ community, and discrimination that was imposed on them and the organizations that strived to advocate for the LGBTQ community on a local, regional and national level is what eventually lead to the Supreme Court rulingRead MoreAnalysis Of Herbert Blumer s Social Movement1738 Words   |  7 Pages1939, p. 199). Social groups partake in a movement in order to implement change through the use of protests and community involvement to share their goal. Particularly, participants of the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, etc,) movement strive to gain equality and acceptance for people of all genders and sexual orientations in modern day society while ending discrimination against these individuals with regards to employment, housing, social opportunity, and more (Levy, 2015). ThisRead MoreOlympic Pride Does Not Permit Sexual Discriminaiton1521 Words   |  6 Pageswho you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love† (John Lennon). LGBTQ; a growing cause that has been heard by many people across the globe, Gay marriage and equality is no longer just a farfetched idea but has become a reality for many nations across the world who have accepted and legalized the acceptance of LGBTQ community members within society. Some have accepted while other fought against this notion of legalization, thou gh many citizensRead MoreRacism And Racism732 Words   |  3 Pages Everyday millions of Americans are faced with backlash from their community, state and even their own country for who they are! Heterosexism is the prejudice against homosexuals. Many Americans believe that heterosexuality is the way everyone should be, meaning that you must only be attracted to the opposite sex. They believe that if you are gay, lesbian and or bisexual that you are not in the norm. The LGBTQ community, which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer areRead MoreA Brief Note On The And Lesbian And Gay Pride Week At An Elementary Classroom Essay1171 Words   |  5 Pageswill educate children on the different types of sexuality to oppose the negative portrayal of the LGBTQ community. If children are taught that it’s acceptable to diminish, exclude and insult someone based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, then that child will eventually continue a vicious violent cycle towards members of such community and expand that vision to others within his community. In the article â€Å"Surviving the Pain and Widening the Circle: Celebrating Lesbian and Ga y Pride Week

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Essay on Graves Disease - 1625 Words

Graves Disease The disease was first noted in 1786 by Caleb Hillier Parry 1755- 1822, physician from General Hospital, Bath, England. His account was published posthumously in 1825. However Graves disease is named after the Irish physician who described several cases in London Medical Journal in 1835. Graves disease is also known as Parrys disease. In Europe, the disease is known as Basedows disease. It is the most common cause of thyrotoxicosis (the morbid condition due to over activity of the thyroid gland). The disorder has three major manifestations: Hyperthyroidism with diffuse goiter Ophthalmopathy and Dermopathy The three manifestations need not appear together. Indeed one or two never appear, and moreover,†¦show more content†¦TSH not only stimulates the thyroid gland to churn out more hormones. If in excess, can cause overwhelming cell growth and division to result in goiter. Most T3 and T4 released into the bloodstream are bound to proteins. Only the free component is biologically active and it is this component which decides the manifestations of thyrotoxicosis. The hormones exert their effects mainly by binding to nuclear receptors in cells to affect expression of genes. In the presence of excess T3 and T4, an increase in number as well as affinity of beta-adrenergic receptors in the heart is noted. These receptors facilitate the action of fight, flight and fright hormones ( epinephrine, norepinephrine) which are positively chronotropic ( beat faster) and inotropic ( pump harder) to the heart. This may then lead to cardiac failure in older patients. In fact, mild hyperthyroidism may produce severe disability in patients with underlying heart disease. Hence, all patients with unexplained cardiac failure or atrial arrhythmias should be examined for thyrotoxicosis. Hyperthyroidism also increases the basal metabolic rate, heat production and oxygen consumption (calorigenic action) of many tissues. Body temperature increases slightly and the patient experiences intolerance to heat. Flushing and sweating are just compensatoryShow MoreRelated Graves Disease Essay981 Words   |  4 PagesGraves’ disease was named after Robert J. Graves, MD, around the 1830’s. It is an autoimmune disease indicated by hyperthyroidism due to circulating autoantibodies, which is an antibody that attacks the person’s own body. The immune system attacks the thyroid gland, which causes it to produce too much thyroxine. Thyroxine is a hormone that helps control growth and also regulates metabolism in the body. While the thyroxine levels are high the patient’s metabolic rate increases, which can have an effectRead MoreGraves Disease772 Words   |  4 PagesGraves Disease The most common cause of hyperthyroidism is Graves disease. This is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the thyroid gland and triggers the release of high levels of thyroid hormones. One of the hallmarks of Graves disease is a visible and uncomfortable swelling behind the eyes. Graves Disease Graves disease, which is caused by a generalized overactivity of the thyroid gland, is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism. In this condition, the thyroid gland usually is renegadeRead MoreCase Study of Graves Disease Essay1639 Words   |  7 Pages Introduction The case study selected focused on Grave’s disease an autoimmune disorder involving over production of thyroid hormones triidiothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). In the United States it is the most common form of hyperthyroidism. The over taxed organ then becomes enlarged (goiter). This case study report will discuss the clinical progression and presentation of this disease, define and describe what an autoimmune disorder is, outline what clinical testing is performed for proper diagnosisRead MoreHyperthyroidism: Graves Disease and Thyroid Hormone Level977 Words   |  4 Pagesthe causes of hyperthyroidism? Graves disease is an autoimmune disorder and is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism. The thyroid gland is diffusely enlarged and patients usually complain of eye discomfort or, in extreme cases, bulging eyes. This is most commonly seen among young females and affects multiple family members. A toxic nodule is a single nodule or lump in the thyroid gland that over-produces hormones, causing hyperthyroidism. Unlike Graves disease, this is not familial. It is alsoRead MoreGrave Disease : An Autoimmune Disease1096 Words   |  5 Pages Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disease in which the over activity of the thyroid gland causes the overproduction of the thyroid hormone. This disease was described by Robert J. Graves a doctor from Ireland and is also known as Basedow’s disease. Even though there are several disorders that may result in hypothyroidism, grave disease is one of the most common type of hypothyroidism that occurs in 1 percent of U. S population (Anderson 2010). Furthermore, Grave disease is a disease that canRead MoreAn Autoimmune Disorder That Directly Affects The Thyroid Gland1539 Words   |  7 PagesGraves’ Disease is identified as an autoimmune disorder that directly affects the thyroid gland. Characterized as the most common ca use of hyperthyroidism, Graves’ Disease encompasses an overactive, enlarged thyroid gland, which produces an excess of thyroid hormones [1]. Approximately 3% of the United States population is affected by Graves’ Disease and 60-80% of patients affected with Graves’ disease are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism [2]. The approximate female to male ratio is 5/1, with majorityRead MoreThe Thyroid Gland1243 Words   |  5 PagesHYPERTHYROIDISM- GRAVES’ DISEASE The thyroid gland is very important in proper functioning of the human body. The hormones it releases are vital in regulating growth and metabolic reaction. The thyroid gland is relatively small (about 20g) and is located at the base of the neck, connected to the windpipe and voicebox. Its structure may be described as ‘butterfly-shaped’ as it is composed of two connected lobes. See image: The two main hormones secreted by the thyroid gland are tetraiodothyronineRead MoreHashimotos Vs. Graves Disease762 Words   |  4 PagesHashimoto’s Disease vs. Graves Disease Anna Grochowski Salter College Anatomy and Physiology II September 18, 2013 Dr. P. Wong Hashimotos disease can also be called chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroiditis. An autoimmune disease happens when the bodys immune system attacks its own cells and organs instead of its normal job of protecting the body from infection. Hashimotos disease specifically attacks the thyroid gland, causing inflammationRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Autoimmune Diseases834 Words   |  4 Pagesautoimmune diseases Autoimmune diseases are caused by auto-antibodies, according to auto-antibodies can be divided into: organ-specific, which affects one organ; non-organ specific, which are a multisystem disease. 2.1. Organ-specific 2.1.1. Autoimmune thyroid diseases They are a common cause of thyroid disorders and it is caused by auto-antibodies against the thyroid stimulating hormone receptor (TSH), intracytoplasmic antigen or thyroglobulin. s disease Grave s disease is the mostRead MoreThe Human Body Of The Thyroid Gland1254 Words   |  6 Pagesthis case will be on overactive thyroid glands and on the specific case of Graves’ disease. Hyperthyroidism is a term used to describe an overactive thyroid gland. This is usually prevented by the process mentioned above, however there are some factors that can cause hyperthyroidism. One of these factors is Graves’ disease. In Graves’ disease, a response in the body’s immune system (the system which defends against disease) causes the antibody thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin (TSI) to be produced